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We have lift off!

Today my eldest son, Sean, (yes, the 'crispy critter') graduated from U MD with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.
He starts his new job with the Patent Office in three weeks. At an increased level because of his GPA.
and next Friday he will marry his sweetheart, and then go to Disney for his honeymoon.
I'm so proud I could burst!

seen around town...

Gotta get the word out!

MS Fantasy Ball, less than a month away!
Don't wait for an excuse to don your finery once again! Why not make some
exciting plans today?

The Queen of Hearts is holding court at the Second Annual MS Fantasy Ball
and you are invited to join the fun! Plan ahead so that you don't miss the
party on Saturday, July 2nd at Michael's 8th Avenue in Glen Burnie, MD. The
Ball will benefit our Team Wench Chesapeake Bay Challenge Walk participants
as they take on a 3 day journey to eradicate Multiple Sclerosis.

Of course the Ball will not only feature live music and a variety of dance
styles, but also dinner with a full open bar, costume and mask contests,
tarot reading and face-painting, amazing raffle items, and more. Get your
tickets now!

For more information, help finding area lodging, ideas for costumes, a
preview of our raffle, and to purchase tickets, please visit

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Chesapeake Bay Challenge Walk will
cover 50 miles between the Eastern Shore and Baltimore on September 9
through 11. For more information or to join our team please see

couldn't resist...

must be that late night just finished final dress, oh, god, type of feeling...
LiveJournal Haiku!
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MacBeth dates, times

For those who've been asking about the run of the show
Friday and Saturday, June 3,4,10,11 at Sellers Theater (Laurel High School)
Saturdays, June 18 & 25 at Area 405, in Baltimore
for more info go here:
and click on the poster.
Please come if you have the chance4... this is an interesting young group, with lots of potential. And the witches absolutely rock.


Comment here and I'll tell you something I adore (or at least mildly like) about you. Then copy and paste this into your own journal.

A Moment of Silence....

Andre Norton has passed away.....
She gave me permission to use my imagination,when everyone else was telling me to be practical....


So, over the past couple of days, my anti-virus protection has apparently been getting a workout. Lots of emails saying variations on "here's your new password" or "watch out for viruses, click here" and danged if they don't all have attachments that Norton takes exception to.
What gives? Is someone out there feeling particularly angsty and out to infect the world? I haven't been hit this often in years!